Topics: Religion, Faith, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Longhouse religion has existed in the Americas for over two century’s. The religion is recognized for it’s unique, diverse and pure traditions. Like most aboriginal religions, they are neglected in terms of growing as a nation. However, Longhouse beliefs have adapted throughout the Americas in a many positive ways. The religion has helped individuals with numerous problems that 21st century is faced with. The traditions are now extremely respected when they are acknowledged and understood by the western society. Today, the Longhouse religion has influenced individuals to become free from difficulties with society’s damaging influences, the tradition also inmate’s women the right to be leader and brings other cultures together which establishes peace and harmony throughout the Americas.

Handsome lack was a Seneca prophet who founded the longhouse religion in 1799. His name now represents a legacy in the longhouse tradition. The people of the Americas refer to the religion as “the handsome religion” the faith also codes for good words. Native American and Iroquois individuals usually follow the Longhouse tradition, however the faith is combined with European tradition and Iroquois belief. According to many western beliefs, the aboriginal people have a different approach on religion. Most aboriginal peoples follow a type shamanism and animism, The Longhouse religion branches of many of these beliefs. The two viewpoints do not belief in a difference between the real world and the super natural world. For aboriginals, everything on earth ought to be regarded at as sacred. Most people who follow the religion typically worship their families and friends because the longhouse tradition demonstrates a strong sense of important towards the affection an individual ought show towards their family. What makes the Longhouse religion so different and admirable from most religions is because the beliefs are not based on sacred text or mythical representations but is simply...
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