Aaron Rodgers vs. Mark Sanchez: Facts Tell the Story

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Aaron Rodgers vs Mark Sanchez: The Facts Tell The Story
Amy Padgett
Com 155
Sunday August 26, 2012
Linda Oldenburg

Aaron Rodgers vs Mark Sanchez: The Facts Tell The Story
You do not have to be a sports fan to see that Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is clearly superior to Mark Sanchez, quarterback for the New York Jets. The statistics, personal and professional tell the story. I will give some background on the two quarterbacks, to help you get to know their experience. According to “Aaron Rodgers” (2012), “Aaron Rodgers attended Pleasant Valley High School in Chico California, where he was starting quarterback for two years, graduating in 2012. He was recruited by Butte Community College in Oroville, and it was there he was discovered by California Golden Bears head coach, Jeff Tedford. Rodgers. Rodgers was staring quarterback for part of the 2003 season, and all of the 2004 season, but deciding to forego his senior season, he entered the 2005 draft” (“Aaron Rodgers, 2012). According to“Mark Sanchez” (2012), “Mark Sanchez attended Santa Margarita High School, transferring to Mission Viejo High School his junior year. Sanchez committed to University of Southern California, where he attended college after graduating high school in 2005 as the top high school quarterback in the nation. Sanchez was starting quarterback part of the 2007 season, and all of the 2008 season. He decided not to play his final year, and instead entered the 2009 NFL draft, although he did stay in school and finish work on his degree” (“Mark Sanchez”, 2012). Since you now know some of their background experience as quarterbacks, I want you to look at their similarities: age, physical size, and starting quarterback experience, so you can see that they started out on an equal footing. Then I want you to look at their differences: passing statistics and ratings under pressure, so then you can see that there is no question who comes out on top. In reading this essay you will come to see, through comparing the similarities and the differences, how Aaron Rodgers is superior to Mark Sanchez as a NFL quarterback. The Age Similarity

To understand why Aaron Rodgers is the superior quarterback, you have to know what they have in common. These are the things that show you that they started out on equal footing, with no-one having the advantage. The first similarity is that they are both of a similar age. Powell (2012) “Aaron Charles Rodgers was born on December 2, 1983 in Chico, California. He is one of the three sons born to Edward and Darla Rodgers” (Powell, 2012). According to “Mark Sanchez: Biography” (2012) “Mark Travis John Sanchez was born on November 11, 1986 in Long Beach, California. He is one of the three sons born to Olga and Nick Sanchez Senior(“Mark Sanchez: Biography”, 2012). Therefore there is only three years age difference between them, as Rodgers is 29 years old, and Sanchez is 26 years old. In the NFL, a three year age difference is looked at as the same age, when the experience is close to equal. Rodgers and Sanchez are both considered within the classification of young veterans. There is not so much age difference that anyone can say that Aaron Rodgers has so much more experience than Mark Sanchez.

The Size Similarity
The second thing to consider about their similarities is that they are the same height and weight. ”According to Rotoworld Fantasy Sports, NBC sports”, (2012) “They both stand 6’5, and weigh 225 pounds” (Rotoworld Fantasy Sports, NBC sports, 2012). This is important to know when comparing the two quarterbacks. The taller a quarterback is, the more advantage he has. This is because he needs to see over the heads of his own offensive line, as well as those of the defense. He needs to see where his receivers are, so he knows what his options are. If Aaron Rodgers was taller than Mark Sanchez, this would give him an advantage, as his field of vision would be clearer. However,...
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