Peyton vs. Eli

Topics: Super Bowl XLII, Indianapolis Colts, National Football League Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Peyton vs. Eli: The Manning Brothers
Peyton Manning is known around the world for his talents on the football field. He is considered to be the best quarterback in the league today even at the age of thirty – six years old. With his ability to read defensive players alignments and formations, he is almost unstoppable. Many people feel that he is going to go down as one of the best players to ever play the game. Others argue that his younger brother Eli has an edge on him and feel that he is the better quarterback out of the two because he has more super bowl rings. Peyton Manning is among the league’s leaders in passing yards, touchdowns, and quarter back ratings every year and has been since his early years in the National Football League. Peyton is a student of the game. He studies game film like he is studying for a final exam in college. He knows the game inside and out and he shows it on the field. Peyton was the selected number one overall in the 1998 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. His rookie year was far from perfect, but he set a few NFL records for completions, attempts, and passing yards in a season. He also had a few plays that many would like to just over look by throwing a NFL high twenty – eight interceptions in that season as well. Those were just blemishes marking up what would turn out to be a remarkably successful career. Even though Eli has more super bowl rings then his older brother, Peyton still has the edge in my eyes as the best quarter back in the NFL and in the family and has the stats to back it up.

Since Peyton’s rookie year in 1998, his performances every season have been the talk of the league. In Peyton’s fourteen year career with the Colts he racked up stats that exceeded expectations. He threw for a total of 54.828 yards and 399 passing touchdowns, which was only one shy of Dan Marino. He had 4,682 completions on 7,210 attempts resulting in a completion percentage of 64.9% with only 198 interceptions in...
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