9 Dimensions of Quality

Topics: Milk, Ice cream, Dairy product Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: September 18, 2012
THE ArceDairy ice cream line consists of their premium or supreme, classic, regular, sugar-free, sherbet, and “sorbete de caro” flavors. The latter, made from fresh coconut milk, is reminiscent of the “dirty” ice cream sold in pushcarts by itinerant vendors. The company also makes “lower-end” popsicles they sell in the provinces under the Medinilla label as well as ice-cream bars featuring various flavors.

Dennis S. Arce, vice president for finance of ArceFoods Corp., the company that produces ice-cream products under the ArceDairy label, said Ramon Arce Sr.’s company was the second company ever registered in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, getting registration number two in 1935. It was preceded by Magnolia which received SEC registration number one in 1925.

Being a closely held company, the demise of family members caused the Arce family business to undergo corporate changes. It was known as Arce and Sons Co. until 1959; Arce Sons & Co. until 1977; Arcecon Dairy Products Inc. up to 1990. The biggest overhaul came about in 1990 when other third-generation Arces outvoted the family of Mauro C. Arce Sr. The original brand name Selecta Dairy Products was sold to RFM Corp. under Joey Concepcion who said it was “better to buy a name than to build one.”

Although the family of Mauro C. Arce Sr. “lock, stock and barrel” retained the icecream business and the dairy plant, it was prohibited from ever using the Selecta brand for its ice cream line and it could not produce ice cream for five years. The company, however, retained the name in its Selecta Feeds products which it uses to this day.

In 1995 at the end of the five-year ban, the children of Mauro C. Arce Sr. incorporated Arce Foods Corp. and it began producing ice cream under the ArceDairy label. Its current president is Faustito Arce, oldest son of Mauro Sr.

Today, aside from the Bulacan farmers who supply the company’s requirements for fresh carabao’s milk, ArceDairy has 500...
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