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Kalith Kumasaru
Assignment 3
Microsoft Excel 2010 for windows could categorize as one of the best spreadsheet processor ever made. It has a wide range of functions that uses for personal use and business use. Concerning the functionality that the application providing the user interface designing team has done a very good to make it user friendly and easy to learn even though there are few up and downs with the 8 golden rules. Strive for consistency

Figure 1 – Open dialog in MS ExcelFigure 2 – Save dialog in MS Excel Figure 3 – Excel help
Figure 3 – Excel help
Generally, this is the most frequently violated rule. The presence of this rule is very important towards the user’s learning time because if the interface is inconsistent it can create hassles in the user’s mind which will slow down the process of learning. As shown in the figure 1 and figure 2, which used to open a file and save a file. Since this both actions required to browse directories and enter a name of the file which either they want to save or to open, there is a similarity in the actions which cause them to design the interface similarly with similar positioning of the buttons and fields. After user learns to open a file, user will be familiar to save a file as well. The way that they keep the consistency of terminology that used in prompts, menus, and help screens is impressive. As an example, they have consistently used insert and delete word throughout the application without misleading the user. Figure 3 is the help screen which provides direction with the exact Figure 4 – Actual Location which help directs Figure 4 – Actual Location which help directs

similar terms that are exists in the application

(figure 4 for the actual location) which enhance usability through consistent terminology. With the properlygrouped ribbon styled layout throughout the application with consistent use of colors and the capitalization of fonts makes the application very consistent across different winnows operating systems such as windows xp, vista and 7. Cater to universal usability

Excel enhances the universal usability through many ways.but also in my point of view, there are things to improve. As show in the figure 5, it have a tool tip which explains the user the functionality of the funtion.This is very helpful to new users because the tool tip explains everything in simple english. But in the mean time there are tool tips that are very abstract. In figure 6 they could make that more specific what kind of object that the user could embedded. In my point of view, this kind of instanceses could reduce the universal usability. But overrall they have did a very good job of setting up tool tips. For expert users they have shortcuts for almost every important functions which is very helpful for the professionals.as examples to save a document, the user only have to press ctrl+s.due to those reasons Microsoft excel caters to universal usability.

Figure 6 – Hover tool tip
Figure 6 – Hover tool tip
Figure 5 – Abstract Hover tool tip
Figure 5 – Abstract Hover tool tip
Figure 4
Figure 4

Offer informative feedback
It offers very effective feedback for most of actions that user makes. But there are instances that the feedback confuses the user. For new users who don’t know how to make charts, excel will confuse them. Once user click on the chart icon, as shown in figure 7 it will make an empty box without any error. To correctly select the data that need to make a chart, the user should click on the design tab which is very bad in contrast. But except that every other function provides a very meaningful feedback . Since building charts is one of the most important functions in excel it needs to be improved in the next version immidiately. Design dialog to yield closure

Figure 7 – empty chart box
Figure 7 – empty chart box
In my point of view, this is something that the whole application lacks. There are lot of occasions that the user...
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