70 an 80 Verse Now Fashion

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Paige Wera
December 6th

70’s and 80’s Verse Now
The 70’s and 80’s had a very strong thick culture. From theirs fads, including what they wore to how they talked, to what is now called the “rock and roll era” of all time. Including the daring celebrities of this time. This was a time of “love” and “peace”. A real party and critical time to how our culture is now.

We’ve all seen the horrible high school pictures of our parents and said, “oh my gosh, what were you thinking?” In the 70’s and 80’s girls wore leg warmers, tights, and leggings. Layers were a big part of style back then. Kelvin Klein was the biggest well known designer at this time. Levi’s had just been introduced, and earth shoes/ clogs were the new thing for shoes. Men wore zubaz pants which look like baggy animal printed sweatpants, and elephant pants which are huge pants. Believe it or not these trends made what out styles are now.

In the 70’s and 80’s the well-known video games we know, just came out with their first console. Released in 1972, this console had a very odd controller which only had one button, which was the reset button. There were two dials on the sides of the console to control the game. The only games you could play were very simple ones by moving block up and down and side to side. Popular games at the time were breakout, asteroids, master criminal, and space invaders. Oddly all of their games were very similar, just moving front to back and back and forth. As gaming started taking off so did a new kind of language being used at that time. This was a time that really started making “slang”. “Cool” and “far out” was the new word for everything that was fun and awesome. Instead of saying can you understand you would say “can you dig it?” Besides language and new technology, music was very contributing to our culture today.

The music of this time changed music forever. It was the “rock and roll” era of all time. Bands such as Fleetwood mac, rolling stones, the who’s and...
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