7 Ps of Marketing

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What is a SUITE ?
A suite in a hotel or other public accommodation denotes a class of luxury accommodations, the key feature of which is multiple rooms. Suites offer multiple rooms, with more space and furniture than a standard hotel room. In addition to one or more beds and bedroom fixtures, a suite includes a living room or sitting room, sometimes with a couch that converts into a bed. Dining, office and kitchen facilities are also added in many suites. Some properties offer only suites. In addition to the luxurious suites mentioned in the first paragraph, regular suites are particularly marketed to business travellers who appreciate additional space and may use it to host small meetings or entertain clients. Characteristics

High Initial investment Customer as Guest Immovability Intangibility Competition Inseparability Supporting Variability Perishability

Who Uses suites
Movie stars
Political representatives
Foriegn Dignitaries

 In case of services, the ‘product’ is intangible, heterogeneous and perishable. Moreover, its production and consumption are inseparable. Hence, there is scope for customizing the offering as per customer requirements and the actual customer encounter therefore assumes particular significance. However, too much customization would compromise the standard delivery of the service and adversely affect its quality. Hence particular care has to be taken in designing the service offering.

Since product is the offerings by the service provider in any form Mango suites provides 3 classes of bed rooms they are executives, business & clubs. Each category of room have provide different benefit for...
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