Topics: Website, Academic dishonesty, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: December 16, 2012
1.Would you consider purchasing a paper from a website and submitting it as your own? Why or why not? Consider that there is now a website that helps professors check for plagiarism by comparing student papers with millions of online pages using the top 20 search engines. The system even identifies papers composed of bits and pieces of online text. Does knowing this change your answer to the questions above? (Points : 15) 

According to Bjoran (2009) she stated that “Avoid customs essay online that can be considered plagiarism and college students tends to seek out essay relief by hunting down free or custom essays online” For my perspective I would never purchase a paper online and submit it to my professor or teacher. The reason why is because for me it is considered cheating and I never wanted to cheat in college. Cheating our way out means giving up which can lead us to failure. After all we can never trust to buy paper online because, we all know that they are millions of articles out there that could be just copy and paste. That’s why try to avoid customs essays online or when using it use an APA format to give the writer a credit. At the moment if a student gets caught they should know the consequences which can lead them to be expelled from school and can never go back. Basically these days if they ever have a website for professor to find out

2. Akin (2011) stated that “It’s a matter of habit and when everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so they’re doing it too,” So, basically students are seeing other student cheat so what the rest of the students do is copy the others, It’s like “monkey sees monkey do”. For my point of view I have lots of idea to stop students for committing plagiarism. Like scare them and let the students know that it’s a must that their papers should have a reference, citations, and sources included. Scare them, which means try to persuade them to not do it. An example of letting the students know that a professor found a...
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