5 Functions of Management

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The 5 functions of management

The Air Force has more than 334,000 active duty Airman working to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The Air Force creed defines what each Airman strives to be, how to act, and how to lead. Within the creed stands our mission…My mission is to Fly, Flight, and Win. To accomplish this mission, the Air Force has organized and structured itself to be the most efficient, and effective force in Air and Space. The five functions of management can be recognized within the force structure and is a vital tool used to accomplish the mission stated earlier. The use of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and control can be seen at the highest levels of the Air Force at the lowest levels. To begin, we first need to look at the organizational structure of the Air Force, and then we will zoom in to gain a better perspective on the functions and their impacts.

Organization is a key function in understanding how the Air Force works, and runs. “An organizational structure is a formal system of task and reporting relationships that coordinates the activities of members so that they work together to achieve organizational goals” (Reilly, Minnick, & Baack, 2011). The President of the United States is the Commander and Chief and the leader of the United States. The secretary of Defense reports to the President, is appointed by the President, and is held by a civilian. Under the Secretary of Defense falls the Secretary of the Air Force. The secretary of the Air Force is a part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) to include with the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. This position is appointed by the President and it too is held by a civilian. From here the Air Force is structured and organized into Major Commands or MAJCOMS. A MAJOM includes at least 2 Air Force Wings. Each MAJCOM is organized by their respective mission. The numbered Air Force follows the MAJCOM and is usually assigned for geographical purposes. A Wing is comprised of at least 2 or more Groups and is commanded by an O7 or Brigadier General. The Wing reports to the Numbered Air Force. A Group is 2 or more Squadrons and is normally commanded by an O6 or Colonel. The Group reports to the Wing. A Squadron is composed of two or more Flights and is the lowest level of command. A Squadron is normally run by an O5 or a Lt Colonel(Air Force Organization, 2012). The 7th Weather Squadron supports specific operations within Germany and Italy. The Squadron is further divided into 5 detachments. Within detachments 1 is where my position as a weather forecaster falls. It is from the Squadron and Detachment level that I will approach the five functions of management and how they apply. The first function of management is planning. 7th Weather Squadron conductsthe planning function through a number of channels. Planning Function

Managers use planning to create organizational goals and identify what course of action is needed to best reach those goals (Reilly, Minnick, & Baack, 2011). There are four steps involved in the planning process. They include examining the companies’ environment to detect strength and weaknesses, determine which goals the organization will pursue, chose the strategies, tactics, and operational plan to achieve the goal, and finally allocate organizational resources to pursue the organizational goals (Reilly, Minnick, & Baack, 2011). Planning for the Air Force is directed at the SECAF level and passed down through each division. When it makes it way down to the squadron level, the commander tailors the squadron goals through guided discussion and command directives. 7th Weather squadron is divided into 5 sections: Director of Current Operations, Director of Operations Superintendent, Director of Operations Logistics, Director of Operations Contingency, and the Director of Training. In each section, the planning function takes place....
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