4p's of Bournvita

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Cadbury India Ltd launched Cadbury Bournvita, a chocolate health drink, in 1947 in India. But even before launching its new health product in the Indian market, Bournvita was one of the most loved chocolate drinks around the world.in india it has a market share of 17%. In spite of the fact that Indian health drink market is flooded with a number of newer fun drinks for kids, Cadbury Bournvita has made a niche for itself as a drink for children who are mentally and physically active. It showed that every bright and sportive kid down the block must be drinking Cadbury Bournvita. In fact almost everyone remember the jingle of Bournvita. In past few years, the nutritional drink or the health drink industry has been marked by competition from various companies. In India, the health drink manufacturers have tried to retain their brand image by improving their product quality & by meeting consumer’s expectation. But only one health drink has successfully captured the heart of millions of Indians i.e. Cadbury Bournvita. Bournvita is the most popular beverage of Cadbury India. Cadbury bournvita have been declared a “consumer super brand” for 2006-07 by super brands India


Bournvita was launched for the very first time in UK in 1932. In 1940, the brand's famous Bourn-vita Beaker first appeared, introduced to stimulate sales of Bourn-vita. In 1947, it was launched in India. In 1950, the "Sleeping Beaker" was launched and was now produced in a high grade plastic material. It came complete with a blue "Night Cap" lid that could also be used as a saucer and was sold as a special combined offer of a 1/2lb tin of Bourn-vita and a Beaker. In 1960, Nigeria begins importing Cadbury Bournvita in wooden crates from the United Kingdom. Distribution and sales developed significantly afterwards and by 1964, Local manufacturing started in Nigeria with greater marketing support for the brand. In 1972, in order to promote its product, the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz was launched on radio in India and by 1980’s Bournvita was positioned on ‘taste’ and the ‘goodness’ benefit. The communication taglines demonstrated this – “Brought up right, Bournvita bright”, “Goodness that grows with you” In 1990’s Bournvita was relaunched, this involved product fortification and complete refresh in the marketing mix. The brand was positioned around “physical and mental strength”. Around the same time the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz started itself on national television from radio. This program made quizzing interesting for kids, reaching out to 2.5 Lakh kids directly every year through the school contact programs and another 20 Lakh kids through the television route. In 1991, the Brand sponsored the Nigerian female Soccer team, the Super Falcons to the first ever Female World Cup. In 1998, the brand commenced the Cadbury Bournvita Children’s Magic Flight. It is an initiative to develop their leadership potentials by exposing them to other climes. In India Bournvita was launched with a renewed kid focus communication, and fresh contemporary packaging through PET jars in 2001. In Nigeria, the brand initiated a scheme to recognize and reward excellence in the teaching profession. This birthed the Cadbury Bournvita Teachers’ Awards in 2002. In 2004, Bournvita relaunch with “Superchargers”, further product fortification, with a more compelling positioning of “Confidence to face daunting obstacles through the strength of body and mind” Bournvita dawned a new look in India with international, trendy packaging. The relaunch was accompanied by the launch of a variant Bournvita Five Star Magic – a MFD (malt food drinks) that has all the goodness of Bournvita with the exciting taste of Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate in 2006. Bournvita 5 Star Magic is the sparkling new identity of the age-old favourite malt food drink Bournvita. For the very first time in its history, Cadbury India combined two of its most powerful brands Bournvita and 5 Star to present a unique...
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