Boroline Revialization

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To revitalize the brand we first need to understand the problems associated with the brand boroline. To be more precise, why boroline is not able to struggle through the competition. The following gives you the causes and techniques for the revitalization of BOROLINE.

Lack of right amount and mode of advertisement.
Present generation is a fast moving generation who is only aware of the products they see. So a lack of advertisement is a major concern here.

Present Scenario in advertisements

The latest advertisement of boroline came into picture in March 2011 with SAKSHI TANWAR as the brand ambassador.

Before that, the advertisement was revitalized in February 2010. And before that in November 2006.

Competitors View

The above are the stills from the advertisements of EMAMI Boroplus.

The advertisement of Boroplus has following features which are missing in Boroline`s advertisement: i. Presence of famous bollywood stars like Kareena kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan instead of Actors of daily soaps like Sakshi Tanwar. ii. Frequency of advertisement is high on public media.

iii. Consistancy in BRAND ENDORSEMENT.
iv. Both Male and female BRAND AMBASSADORS.
v. Revitalization of advertisement is frequent.

The above mentioned points need to be considered by BOROLINE to make it a recall-able brand. Some distinct features that can be done in advertising are: i. Advertisement can be given in local language based on region to region. ii. Demo Canopies can be placed from place to place e.g shopping malls etc. iii. Free samples can be given for the use of product by young generation which can enhance the recall rate.


At present, boroline is having 750 distributers in india. The channels are not enough to make the product reach every corner of the country.

Competitors view

Boroplus is having 2200 distributors in...
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