4d Scheduling the Future of Planning?

Topics: Construction, 3D computer graphics software, Project management Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: November 28, 2012
4D Scheduling; The Future of Planning?
The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with an understanding of the concept of 4D Scheduling, how and where it is used, whether it is currently of benefit to the construction industry and can it revolutionise planning in a positive manner for small, medium and large scale construction Projects. What is it?

4D Scheduling is a Programme which allows the Project Plan to interface with 3D software and build a live model which displays the Project Progress in real time. The 4D planning tool is used at Tender and Preconstruction stages, kept live throughout the project and reviewed upon completion to assess Project Success. To understand how the Programme interfaces and accurately reflects progress we first need to define and understand Building Information Modelling. Building Information Modelling is a building design and documentation system based on coordinated, reliable, high quality information. This system enables the design and construction teams to create and manage information about a project consistently and reliably across the scope of the project. This information is stored in a unique model which ensures the information is coordinated, consistent and complete. Traditionally Building Projects were illustrated with manually created drawings, information was added to these illustrations by using motes and specifications. As CAD technology progressed this system became automated, though the output remained the same. The development of the Building Information Modelling methodology has created a new way of thinking and working. It gives us ability to model with objects and minimizes tedious drafting by allowing one 3D object handle multiple 2D representations when placed in an object. The coordinated data represented in the model allows us to visualize and analyse designs and make better informed decisions. Building Information modelling supports large team workflows to improve project understanding and...
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