442nd Regiment

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442nd Regimental Combat Team

If you were to be asked “do you know who the four hundred twenty second regimental combat team was?” How would you respond? The four hundred regimental combat team was made up of mostly Japanese Americans living in the United States during the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the bombing on Pearl Harbor all Japanese Americans were classified 4-c (known as enemy aliens) and weren’t allowed to enlist in the United States military. The United States thought that the Japanese were spying on us and was sent from japan just to spy. Even though no spying was recorded the United States just wanted to keep cautious. The Japanese were relocated in internment camps located in the west coast. However, in nineteen forty three president Roosevelt and the war department decided to allow these Japanese Americans to volunteer in an all American-Japanese regiment to fight for their country in World War two.

In May nineteen forty three approximately one thousand five hundred volunteers from the United States and three thousand from Hawaii assembled for training camp at Shelby Mississippi. One month later they arrive in Naples, Italy. The all Japanese-American regiment group joined up with the one hundred infantry Battalion. After fighting ten days in Italy the combat groups got their first rest, dry clothes, and hot food.

The battle of the lost battalion took place in October of nineteen forty four. The thirty sixth division was paired with the four hundred forty second regimental combat group to fight the German army in the battle of Bruyeres. Over two hundred of the thirty six battalion group were lost in the forest and are trapped on a steep ridge in the Vosges Mountain in France the German army surrounded them on this ridge. General John E. Dahiquist soon ordered the four hundred forty second regimental combat team to rescue the thirty six division group, this was a shock to the Japanese regiment because General Dahiquist...
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