3 Basic Programming Languages

Topics: Computer, High-level programming language, Programming language Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: February 23, 2010
There are three basic types of programming languages. These languages are machine, assembly, and high-level languages. Machine language is just a sequence of zeroes and ones. Different combinations of zeroes and ones mean different things and sends different instruction to the computer. An advantage of this is that this is the only language that a computer can understand directly. However a fallback is that this is not very easy for humans to be able to either read it or write it. It will be hard to get any developers to utilize this language. This is the reason why most will use one of the other two. Assembly language is the oldest form of non-machine language. It is a symbolic representation of machine language. It typically uses a one to one correspondence between the two. Another program called an assembler will translate it into machine language. Since assembly language uses easy to recognize codes, it makes it a lot easier for people to understand. When it comes to the program and how it relates to the computer processing and memory usage, the program will typically be stored in non-volatile memory until it is requested. Upon request it will then be loaded into random access memory (RAM). Once it is loaded into the RAM it then can be accessed by the central processing unit (CPU). It will then execute instructions until terminated. Termination can either be by user or it can be due to software or hardware error. High-level languages will typically contain commonly used English words and phrases, thus removing a lot of the symbols and structure that is required at a lower level programming. There are several advantages to high-level languages vs machine or assembly. Typically if a program is written on one computer it can easily be modified to work on another computer. Also a single instruction written in a high level language will typically translate into several instructions in machine language. Now a disadvantage is that these high level programming...
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