3 Actions Always Be Morally Right/Wrong

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: June 3, 2012
1. Three actions that I believe would always be morally right: Not pocket the money picked up
Treat your parents with honor
Donate goods to those people who need

2. Three actions that I believe would always be morally wrong: Steal other people’s belongings.
Kill or torture animals for fun
Plagiarize homework and assignments

I believe that not pocket the money you picked up would always be morally right. While you see someone falls a hundred dollar on the floor, you face a moral issue that will you notice the man in front of you or will you pick it up and run away? I believe I should not pick up the money which not belongs to me. My moral principle tells me that I will never get something from nothing, so that I am always willing to notice the one who loses the money. Fealty is the foundation of my moral values. My parents gave birth to me and raised me for over twenty years, so that I ought to respect them and repay them with loves. To me, it is not only a moral belief, but also a duty to treat my parents with honor. The third thing that I believe would always be morally right is donating goods to those who really needs. I morally believe that we should help people in need as far as possible. One of my underlying values is that virtue is always rewarded. If I do my best to help the society, the society will reward me in his way. Stealing other people’s belongs is not only unethical, but also illegal. My moral principle tells me that it is not right to violate other people’s property, therefore I would never be willing to steal people’s belongs. Furthermore, stealing is another way of getting something from nothing, which I would never do. Animals are friendly and innocent. They mean no harm to human kind and they are equal to human kind. They also get the rights of freedom and living. I believe killing and torturing animals for fun is unethical, because we violate their rights of living. I morally believe that we should be kind to all kinds of...
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