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A group of young professionals were discussing the relationship between law and business. Adam argues that law primarily benefits the owners of businesses at the expense of workers and customers, while Beth takes the opposite position - that law primarily benefits the individual employees, customers and others, at the expense of the owners of businesses. Charlie posits that all parties are better off because of the presence of law, while David asserts that law is not a significant factor in the conduct of business.

Based on your text, which person's view is most accurate?

Answer A. Adam
B. Beth
C. Charlie
D. David
10 points
Question 2

Which of the following is NOT true about law?
Answer A. Law should be demonstrably fair to all concerned. B. Law should accurately reflect the beliefs of the majority of citizens. C. Neither of the above is true
D. Both of the above are true
10 points
Question 3

When faced with the possibility of wrongdoing, which of the following is most appropriate?

Answer A. When you first hear of an issue, immediately appoint a board to investigate it, incorporating board members from other work areas, from other geographical sites, and from H.R. B. Bring in outside experts if an internal investigation is to be conducted. C. Bring in the outside experts, but never conduct any preliminary inquiries, because that would taint the investigation process. D. Conduct the preliminary investigation, then if additional information substantiates the rumors and an internal investigation is to be conducted, bring in outside experts. .

10 points
Question 4

Which of the following is the best example of an ethical act? Answer A. Passing a law that guarantees that employees will be paid a 'living wage' that is higher than the federal minimum wage. B. Doing something that you sincerely believe is the right thing to do even if it does not benefit you personally is...
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