2nd Amendment Paper

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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When I think about the dreams of the founders I think about the amendments. These amendments represented their core beliefs. When I think about that I look at society and think how well have the amendments been followed. In a sense most of the amendments have been followed well, but in the last 20 or 30 years that has been declining rapidly.

The 1st amendment, probably the easiest to follow is being silently fought. Now it may not be illegal to say something but by the time you say it you might have wished it was. People are beat to a bloody pulp because their opinion of the president, or even worse their favorite sports team. What has this nation come to when we beat a living person to a bloody pulp for the sports team that they like! I think we need to take a step back and look at ourselves for a second.

The 2nd amendment is our first freedom. For the last 100 years people have slowly been trying to tax and regulate our right and freedom to bear arms. The 2nd amendment states that their should be a militia ready for times of war. It does not say an army, a militia. If I remember correctly the definition of militia is a military force raised by civilians to take place of an army in an emergency. Now how are we supposed to act like a military force, if the law abiding citizens of this country cannot buy a basic infantryman's rifle. Yes you can buy a modified version, but we should be able to buy any type of firearm we would like, because it is our right and our freedom. This amendment isn't about no duck hunting. It's about the people's right, freedom, and ability to protect themselves and their country.

The 3rd amendment Is our freedom of religion. In this day and age christianity is frowned upon, at the time of our founders christianity represented the core belief system of almost every man, woman, and child. Nowadays you have atheists making it illegal to display any signs of religion, you want to put a nativity scene in front of your house, so...
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