21st Century Kids

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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A 21st century kid is diffrent from the old days. "Children today have a lifestyle not childhood."

CUROSITY. A 21st century kid, in my perception has high CURIOSITY level. From what kids are from the past -who too, are curious of what is this? and what is that?- comes an improved level today, where kids are eager to learn MORE than what is written or what the older people tells them. And this curiousity they have leads them to explore new things specially today, where everything is just a click away. This curiousity lead kids to gain knowledge. And curiosity leads them to improvement of what can they do more better.

CREATIVE. Kids these days are creative. Though before kids are creative, kids today are way better. It is because of their exposure to the new technology. From the games they play, role playing games, strategy games, reading books, reading online and reading magazines and journals these stuffs improved kids today's creativity. When you first read Cinderella, you were awed, after wards you imagine that you are her, and you are going to the ball to meet the prince; But today, kid's creativity arent just going to stay on his/her mind, its being typed, or write down. Being exposed to technolgy, kids today's creativity could be seen on their own sites and blogs, where you could see that they really have a creativity stored inside them. They got their creativity from reading and watching, and sometimes playing.

DEMANDING. Is when their parents spoils their kids and gives them everything they want, the kid ends up being demanding-why? When one parent started spoiling the kid, the kid will think that 'oh, i can always get what I want because dad could always give me that' and when he asked his dad for a new something and his dad agreed to get this for him, and ends up buying him a wrong one, he'll like go 'dad i dont want this, i want that one!' and will point to another toy, or just say 'i want a birthday party!just like what she had during her...
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