2012 Biology Example Paper Dse Hong Kong

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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_ t _l
P__ER a
HO__ __Ne DIP_0MA 0_ SEC_NDAR_ _D__AT1_N __AMI_A_lO_ __12
______Y ___e_ _
t 1 .45 am _ 12.45 pm (t hour)
This paper must _e _n_wered in en_lish
___T____ _0N_
(1) There a_e __UR sectons, A_ B, C and D in t_is Paper. &t__mpt ___ ques_ion_ in _ny TW0 sect_ons.
(2) Write your answers în the Answer _oo_ D_E (C) provided, Sta_ e_ch ques_ion (not pa_ of a question) on a new page.
(3) _resen_ your answers in p_rag_aphs wherever appropriate, (_) _llustr_te your a_swers with diagrams wherever appropriate. (5) The diagrams in this paper are N_T necessari_y drawn to scale.

_ _, \_u _ ^___,__ _ -v,-___ _,/t _ __ __ __ t_Woo
'^ O_t_ eta ___nraY __fe _
___ __n_ _x_m _n__lons and _sse_sm_n_ Aut__r_t_ ___ or _hg gægm ____g;o_ g_gg; æl_ _i__t_ ___erv_d __t_
20l2-DSE-BI02__ l

_ _v_t____t__aJ 443_osooooooo__ . _ __________ ,_, _Ttl___ttm__e__ p(eth_oAur) v_EaJu,co ____osseoooExoooone_rd_c0_olts_fe 9_ ___\_ _ __t____ __ __tFT__l_2_gm____eofsle(oomho_tmo3m_ummrom)_lo_ /lo/_l__/LsL_os_dos___dol__usl___ufn_t__u__m_ _ __6

_ECT_0_ A __man Physìology; _egu_ation and Control
Answer AL_ parts of the question. .
l ,(a) In a s_dy about the reptenishm_nt of water after exercis_, participants performed exercise until t hey lo_t 1 500 m_ water. They were then divided in_o 3 groups and ashed to consume a 2 OOO m_ sports drin h containing O, 50 and 1 00 mmol / L sodium respec_iv_ly. Urine samples were cotlected at 1 -hour interval_ for 6 hours and the net body _uid balance throughout the cours_ of the e_peri_ent was determin_d. T he results are respectively shown in the _igures 1A and lB below:

_ 350 ; _ _ soo '
o, 250 _ '_, , , ''i__'__......_
_ 200 _ _, ___9
_, I50 ''t_ _ _
_ '_. ;_,__ ooo ,e
50 _'__ ____?_.
Intahe Of Tnta_e of
SPOTtS dT'nk sports drinh
(i) Describe the general _atte_s of the urine output a_ter consuming drinhs wíth different sodium concentrations. ( 4 mar hs )
(ii) Account for th_ high urine output of th_ pa_icipants who cons_med sports drinh with 0 mmol / L , sodium. (4 mar_s)
(iii) In terms of the replenishment of water, which sports drinh would you recommend for athletes to consume a_er exercise? Explain your answer, (3 marhs)

__ _

_' _ b _n the stud descrl_bed __n a the art__c__ ants erformed exerc__se __n a room ma__ntal.ned at 34oc and 6o 7ooi re l ati ve hum idi ty. '
(i) State lwo majo_ ways in which participants lost water during exercise. (2 marhs) (ii) _f the temperature and relative humidity in the room had been set higher, it wou1d have been dangerous to the participants. Explain why this is so. (4 marhs) (iii) A_er the exercise, the breathing rate of the participants remained at a fairly high l_vel. Ex_lain the signiflcance of this. (3 marks)

20l2-_SE-_I02_3 _

((((l_ll__l_)llv__)l_)) BbsAseutTsatl_g_____w_qetccd_Eo2____gseneoeylvels____v__Gt_l__ntdonets2_ls4wtoc5asotaoarr_gclyl_tetbeals_nevg_lt_erntas___hncywseaud?n_t?rgnh_lp_9eaevtesTrulg__otc____o9r_e_ad___w0??hn0?_J?caJ_??J??_J?___??_??g?__?e Tell_sep__nsoalsgTel_cTltl__tcnenl__Tdv4osl_tpttrl_l_anle_egsnestwtsFlalhagl_agtrl_ehbcewahaf Ttlnseo__ldctse__taeeoot__haAgun_deeeleee_sdo_d9_T__n__lmteTola__a4cvtlnahcednoesdurnoretfstotfhoraervtel_Tcohgrneeotspoadt?ent0?___stf__all__tffog_bhcneeeerc_T_T___J__en Teonlasm__ctt4oeerreal_yndlevltelhogewet_aantl_nowhun((a52ltlln_mcmr4hs_atnrrask_oogssfel_)f)l SECTION B Applied Ecology

Answer ALL parts of the question.
dierent stages of shifting agricuIture:
ww cd lO _' '?C_ n,_ ,c,
o, .__ '?_ ,eo__,J ?c,, __>,
__l. ( 3mar ks)
nu_ient is probably lacking? Expl_in your answer. ( 2 mar ks) 2ol2-Ds_-BIo 2_ 4

w_ 4_t_________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ______t_ __________

.(b) An artlflclal reef (AR) lS a man-made StrUCtuTe de_lOyed On the Sea ed tO enhanCe bl0dIVerSlty. ten-year study was ca_ied ouT on a sandy seabed to investiga'te the effect of an AR on the number of f1sh...
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