12 Angry Men Summary of Characters

Pages: 4 (1481 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Martin Balsam (The Foreman) (Juror 1)
Age: Late 30’s Early 40’s Job: Assistant Coach
Very simple well organized man, kept things in line. Didn’t have much to say throughout the meeting. He enjoys coaching football seems to be the only time he is at ease is when he was talking about football. He was not faced with much conflict directed at him, but he seemed to keep the peace and didn’t want any problems. 5.5 He’s in a way quiet, he doesn’t have any resentment or say hurtful things to others he seems to be in the middle, and very well organized.

John Fiedler (Juror 2)
Age: 35-40 Job: Bank Teller
Soft spoken. Doesn’t have much to say. He is very quiet at the beginning, doesn’t know what he’s really talking about. Starts to stand up for himself and what he believes in. When faced with conflict he tried his hardest to be a “big guy.” He was a small guy, who tried to stand up for himself, but was not good at it. 1.1 Doesn’t know much. Doesn’t know how to speak with others well.

Lee J. Cobb (Juror 3)
Age: Early 50’s Job: Owner of Messenger/Businessman
Selfish. Very Unstable. He’s the kind of person who believes he is always right and everything has to be his way. He mentions how kid’s nowadays have no respect. Referring to his son how they got in an argument and his son hit him. You can tell he does see that the boy is not guilty but he still wants him to be guilty. His true side comes out to why he wants the boy guilty because he has his own resentment toward the young boy who reminds him of his son. Didn’t handle conflict well. He thought he was always right so everyone was coming towards him at almost every time. He seemed to start conflict because he was the only one who could not see the other side. He was quick to accuse and would attack, attack, attack. 9.1 Wants everything his way. Doesn’t care or work well with other people.

E.G. Marshall (Juror 4)
Age: 50’s Job: Stockbroker
Quiet. Well spoken. But also feels he knows it all,...
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