10 Forces Shaping the Workplace of the Future

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10 Forces Shaping the Workplace of the Future
Contracting: Contractors are no longer independent entities. They will be seen as extensions of the firm. Organizations will need to understand their competencies, value-alignment, reputation and other intangible attributes. With social media, association will become more transparent, so managing the relationship between a firm and its contractors may involve public relations and legal, as BP recently discovered with Transocean, its platform operator during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Contract-to-hire: Contract-to-hire may provide the balance between renting talent and filling a role. With knowledge becoming more specialized, contracting makes sense because the contract firm can offer better competency development models, career paths and mentorships than an organization’s occasional need for a particular role. If an organization wants to test a new market, experiment with a new technology or evaluate the difference between insourcing and outsourcing, hiring a contractor may be the best answer. Consider a new “high-touch” retail experience that requires different skills than the existing retail staff possesses. With contract-to-hire, specialists in applying high technology to work-life balance could help people determine not just the functional comparison of devices, but how best to integrate them into their lives. If this idea works, contractors who do it well would be offered jobs. If it doesn’t work, the company has localized and minimized its risk. On-boarding: As organizations stretch their boundaries, on-boarding will become more global, and as they coordinate better between work and life, more intimate. It won’t be limited to going over insurance forms, disclosing policy and getting a computer set up. It will include discussions about where and when people work, what skills people have and what skills they need, how to get along with people in other generations and how to work with people from different...
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