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Case Application 1-B: TEAM FUN!

Questions: 1 Is TEAM FUN! affected by globalization? If so, how?

TEAM FUN is directly affected by globalization in this case. They have been doing business with Sidekick for many years, but by reading the passage, it looks to me that Sidekick has outsourced its production to various parts of the world; thus creating some problems for their line of products. The new soccer gear that Kenny and Norton inventoried was either from soccer clubs around the world or imported equipment that is the popular brand due to the sports global success. Many people who watch soccer are more into the international game. The superstars from the sports probably endorse the equipment that TEAM FUN imported from an international supplier. This reflects globalization which typically grows a business by opening it to world rather than just locally.

2. What other major workforce issues are evident in this case?

There are two easily fixable work related issues that are referenced in this case. The first thing that is mentioned is the request for a childcare facility. This would help the company be a more work/friendly business. The owners do not realize that the growth of the company has brought about new demands from their workforce. The next issue is the lack of knowledge in regards to their employees. This again shows that the owners do not have a grasp on the complexities that come with growth of a company. The two of them can no longer handle to daily operations by themselves. They do not know their employees!

3.Do you believe that TEAM FUN! needs a human resources professional? Explain your answer to Kenny and Norton.

There is a definite need for a human resource department at TEAMFUN. Mr. Kenny and Norton Bell by hiring a HRM professional and implementing a new infrastructure this would resolve the issues that are stated in this case study. Human Resources (HR) would handle all pay and compensation issues, benefits such as...
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