1. Describe Who and What the Information Is for, Where It Will Be Used E.G. on Screen or Hard Copy and Where It Is Needed.

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1.Describe who and what the information is for, where it will be used e.g. on screen or hard copy and where it is needed.

1.1This exercise includes a research of a holiday cottage for letting. The information on the 3 fold brochure will be used on the internet and on a hard copy and on high quality magazines for the public to access and to know more about what this cottage can offer in case they want to visit. E.g. relaxations, availability of the internet, the general feel good factor and more.

2.Describe how to produce a simple word processing document that are accurate and well laid out.

2.1To achieve what is being asked above, I have decided to provide the step by step approach of how I produced “ The Golden Tulip Experience, The Getaway of a Lifetime.”

Points to consider

It must look appealing, attractive and professional and include all information and images. •Must contain pictures both outside and inside of the accommodation. •More information about the accommodation’s local attractions and facilities available. •Includes prices for low and high season.

A map of where the property is.
Use of word art.
Use of bullet points or numbers.
2.2First of all, I opened a new page by clicking on Microsoft word, went to page layout and clicked columns; I then chose “three”.

I then went to Google a holiday cottage in Ghana, and chose the Golden Tulip. But to make it my own, I changed the name to “The Golden Tulip the Getaway of a Lifetime.”

Then, I copied the pictures of both inside and outside of the accommodation e.g. the apartments, the suite, the suite VIP, the cocktail, the poolside, the poolside at night, the casino, the hotel entry at night, the superior room, the branch restaurant, bar and lounge and pasted them on the left hand corner of the 3 fold.

Next, I copied the information of benefits if one becomes a member of the hotels Ambassadors club and pasted them using bullet points in the middle of the folder....
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