1. Define and Compare the Business Strategies, Business Communication Processes and Business Models of Google and Microsoft.

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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1.Define and compare the business strategies, business communication processes and business models of Google and Microsoft.

Google business model is based on internet and on web. Google business strategy began as one of many smart search engines company. As it rapidly developed from the pack with its copyrighted PageRank search system which returns greater search results for Web users. It also has developed widespread online advertising services for businesses of all sizes, also has developed a totally new business model, the world leading search engine, has developed winning applications as Google Earth, Google Video, Google Maps, Gmail, online video viewing and is enjoying a huge success. It’s ability to attract the best and a brightest mind in the industry helps make it one of the most successful Web-based businesses in the world. Google provides value to the user by using reasonable, flexible infrastructure to speed up Web searches and provide its users with a huge array of Web-based services and products. . As the use of the internet has developed, so their capabilities on the internet, and they have developed their business beyond their search engine capabilities. Google's business strategy and model has grown over the last decade, and they are boarding on a new age as firm. However the foundation of their business was built from the evolution of the desktop applications. However on the other hand Microsoft's business model and strategy originally focused and built around their Windows desktop operating system and Office desktop productivity applications, which are used by 5000 million people worldwide. Microsoft applications have had a significant influence on the growth and development of the internet. Furthermore, Microsoft wants to encirclement the Internet while still encouraging customers to retain the use of the desktop as the focal point for computing tasks.
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