1.1 Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate

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I am of the opinion that as a child practitioner an essential part of our work role will involve actively seeking to evolve and where apt build relationships. Consequently having a significant impact on children and young people’s lives.

As quoted, (Children and young peoples workforce, early and child care book 2010) there are a number of reasons why people communicate which are to: •Build relationships
The ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of people is a vital factor in working towards building relationships that may flourish and enable the gaining of confidence and trust. For example in working with some young children who may have difficulty expressing themselves, an array of emotions could be displayed, i.e. Frustration, aggression, anxiety and withdrawal. As a practitioner, it would therefore be important to be patient, approachable, non judgmental and a good listener. It is also good to be creative in terms of engagement recognising the different needs of young people.

Maintaining relationships
I am of a view that open communication and a positive attitude can support the maintenance of relationships. I feel it is therefore important to assess your own attitudes and values to ensure this doesn’t impact on others, hence have a willingness to challenge any arising issues in a professional manner. Conflict may arise in a working relationship. It would be important to be sensitive and allow feelings to be aired, but actively seek where apt to resolve a situation instead of dwelling on the issue.

Gain and share information
Working in partnership with young people, families, work colleagues and professional bodies is the foundation for enabling effective service delivery. The gaining and sharing of information where appropriate enables the identification of need and appropriate support. I.e. Child protection issue, discussed on a need to know basis, the aim being to protect the safety and well being of the child....
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