I Have to Prepare for My Fa3

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Cerebral palsy Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: January 16, 2013
This book is an autobiography of a boy, called Christy Brown, with cerebral palsy. This book explains his hard childhood life and how he discovers his incredible skill of drawing and writing with his left foot. This book follows his life until the age of 22. Christy is the main character. He is a child living in Dublin, Ireland with his very large family. He is the 10th child of 22 children. Christy is a character of great intelligence but is not a character with a big sense of humour. Christy Brown is very conscious of his disability and this put him through a lot of pain. He is a character with few friends but has a lot of support from his family. He is usually alone and hidden, surrounded in his thoughts. Each chapter has a new main character like in the first chapter the main characters are his mother and himself but in another chapter, Christy will be joined by another main character, and the chapter will be based around them. His family are very important in this story. Their love for Christy at the start is very strong and throughout the book the love fades. Robert Collis is a main character because he helps Christy with his therapy to cure his disability and he also helps Christy with his book. After this incredible day when Christy Brown snatches a piece of chalk from his brother’s hand and drew a letter ‘A’ on the ground, his life changed. With his mother's hope, Christy began to push his way through his disability and started to learn how to write with his left foot. With the help of his cart called ‘Henry’ and his brothers he was able to enjoy his childhood and he went on adventures in the open air. Then one day his cart broke and nothing could be done. From that day Christy started to become self-conscious and shut himself away. From this time his life became hard and full of sad emotions. His foot was his only hope and with this foot he wrote and painted. In his late adolescence he met Dr Robert Collis. Collis told Christy that he had a chance to...
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