Anthony Robles

Topics: High school, Wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: October 22, 2012
“God made you this way for a reason”, this was told to a young boy by his mother who would later become something that no one would ever expect. On July 20, 1988, Anthony Robles came in the world there was just one problem that doctors didn’t understand when, Judy Robles, age 16, gave birth to a baby boy who was missing his right leg. Doctors could not explain what went wrong or why he was missing a leg, all the way up to the hip with no stump to attach a prosthetic limb. Doctors work on a prosthetic leg that would help Anthony but, he would rather just deal with how was he was born because as his mother always told him growing up that "God made him this way for a reason" and she made sure that no matter what he would believe it. Like all good mom’s she was correct and Anthony Robles finally learned he was made the way he was, when he was only the age of 14, in Mesa, Arizona, when he tried out for the wrestling team. Anthony first year was horrible. Was Anthony the smallest kid on the team weighing in at a whopping ninety pounds but without question, was the worst wrestler; finishing his first year at 5-8 records and in last place at the Mesa City wrestling tournament. People started to believe that a tiny kid born with one leg who had to use crutches to get around, the worst wrestler in the city, would never excel in such a demanding sport and that it was just a waste of his time and the teams time to have him on the team. However, with the support of his family and coaches, Anthony Robles believed he could one day be a champion wrestler; he believed that he could be UNSTOPPABLE.

He said the turning point was his sophomore year. "I took sixth in high school state thanks to his good friend, Chris Freije, who was the state champion that year, helped Anthony by wrestling against him in practice all the time and always beating him until Anthony one day finally beat Freije. Anthony wanted to be a state champion just like him and the best in the state. Despite...
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