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Topics: Windows 2000, Windows Installer, Active Directory Pages: 7 (1374 words) Published: October 22, 2012
WR7 – 1

Week Seven Homework


Writing Assignment Task WR7.0
1. Knowledge Assessment: Lesson 8 - Managing Users and Computers (50 points). a. Fill in the Blank: Complete the following sentences by entering the correct word or words in the blanks: 1. In a case where multiple PSOs are configured for a particular user, Active Directory will determine which one to apply by using the PSO's precedence


2. You can automatically add a technical support user to the local Administrators group of each domain workstation by using Restricted groups . 3. The


command allows you to manually refresh Group Policy settings on a

particular computer. 4.


refers to a Group Policy setting that is not removed when the GPO setting

reverts to "Not Configured." 5. You would audit account logon events to determine who is authenticating against your Active Directory domain controllers. 6. Each Active Directory domain controller acts as a(n) to enable the distribution of Kerberos tickets. 7. folder redirection Key distribution center

allows you to configure a user's Documents, Desktop, and other folders

so that they are stored on a network drive rather than the local computer. 8. Settings in the kerberos poloicies section of Group Policy allow you to configure the maximum allowable clock skew between a client and a domain controller. 9. Auditing for Policy change events will alert you when a change is made to User Rights assignments, IPSec policies, or trust relationships. 10. You can create a consistent service startup configuration for multiple computers by using the

system services

node in Group Policy

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IT222 Microsoft Network Operating System II
b. Select the correct answer.

WR7 – 2

1. What type of object will you create to enable multiple password policies within a Windows Server 2008 domain? a. msDS-MinimumPasswordLength b. msDS-MultiplePasswordPolicies c. PasswordSettingsObject (PSO) d. msDS-PasswordObject


2. Which configuration item has a default value of 90 minutes for workstations and member servers, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes to optimize network performance? a. Refresh time b. Refresh interval c. Clock skew d. Clock interval


3. To determine which users are accessing resources on a particular member server in an Active Directory domain, which event type would you audit? a. Account logon event b. Policy change event c. Account management event d. Logon event


4. Monitoring a system such as Active Directory for the success and/or failure of specific user actions is called a. auditing b. inspecting c. scanning d. sniffing


5. Which audit category includes events such as server startup and shutdown, time changes, and clearing the security log within the Windows Event Viewer? a. Process tracking b. Privileged use c. System Events d. Policy management Knowledge assessment continues on the next page

WR7 – 3

Week Seven Assignments
6. Which feature allows you to control how much space a user can take on a particular hard drive volume, configurable via Group Policy? a. Disk quotas b. Folder redirection c. Offline files d. Object access auditing d

7. To prevent users from re-using a certain number of network passwords, what can you configure as part of a domain-wide policy or as part of a Fine-Grained Password Policy? a. Minimum password length b. Minimum password age c. Maximum password age d. Enforce password history


8. A PasswordSettingsObject (PSO) within Active Directory is also known as which type of object? a. msDS-PasswordSettingsPrecedence b. msDS-PasswordSettings c. msDS-PasswordComplexityEnabled d. msDS-MinimumPasswordLength


9. Which Group Policy feature allows users to access user files when the user is disconnected from the corporate network? a. Folder redirection b. Disk quotas c. Offline files d. Object access auditing

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