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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Marc Magas
WMST 231-04
Dr. Wilkinson

Formal Essay One

I watched the movie Valentines Day directed by Garry Marshall made in the year 2010. The movie has many popular actors/actresses such as Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, Taylor Swift, and George Lopez. The movie takes place in Los Angeles, California and follows about twelve different people from the beginning of the day until midnight of Valentines Day. The movie begins with Ashton Kutcher proposing to his girlfriend who originally says yes, but later in the day changes her mind and leaves him. On an airplane Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper meet and chat, Julia is in the army and is on a one day leave to spend the day with her family. Patrick Dempsey is a doctor who is married, but also has a girlfriend who he orders flowers for both and Ashton Kutcher finds out. Dempsey tells his girlfriend he is in San Francisco for the day and when his girlfriend makes a surprise trip to see him, his wife finds out about her husbands secret and Dempsey ends up alone for the night. Eric Dane is a homosexual football player who his contemplating ending his career with his publicist Jessica Biel and agent Queen Latifah. He does not unveil his sexuality until the end of the movie and ends up coming home to Bradley Cooper later that night. Two high school seniors agree to have first time sex on Valentines Day, but at the end of the movie agree to wait until they both feel ready. A sports reporter Jamie Foxx is told to cover Valentines Day and ends up sharing his hatred of the holiday with Jessica Biel. The movie revolves around the up and downs of relationships and the significance the holiday has on them.

During the movie a little boy orders flowers for his Valentines Day crush. The audience is led to believe that the flowers are for a little girl in his class or that goes to his school. Later in the movie the audience...
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