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Topics: XXXX, Beer, Australia Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: September 7, 2012
A Delicious Ale of the Brightest Amber
We drink it, we celebrate it, can you imagine a barbeque without it?

Australia just wouldn’t be complete without a good old XXXX beer in hand. Every Aussie child will remember growing up around their dads having a beer in hand. And it will most probably be none other than the Aussie icon, XXXX, Australia’s favourite social beverage.

This particular brew has been around since 1857, when the first brewery was constructed in Castlemaine, Queensland. The Castlemaine brewery came about when two young men, Quinlan and Donnelly, wanted to share their love of beer with Australia. After the unforeseen death of Quinlan, his wife, took on his dream and 1878 the brewery began brewing in Milton.

The first batch of beer was ready for sale and XXX Sparkling Ale (given an extra X in 1916 when the brewing process improved) was released to the expectant public. This ale was a hit and from that moment on, we Australians fell in love with the brand.

Mr Fourex, the mascot and face of XXXX beer was introduced in 1924 to launch some support to XXXX bitter ale. Throughout the years XXXX continued to brew and launch more exciting flavours of beer. XXXX even launched a beer to sponsor the Commonwealth Games in 1982.

In 2006, 30 international cricketing legends hit the sand for the most Aussie interpretation of the game - the first XXXX GOLD Beach Cricket Tri Nations Series.

XXXX today is more popular than ever! It is the only drink that truly represents mateship and the never say die attitude. After a hard day at work, every man, comes home looking forward to this ice cold beverage. So how do so many people know of this famous Aussie icon? Because of no other, than the famous XXXX jingle.

I can feel a XXXX coming on
Got the taste for it, just can’t wait for it
I can feel a XXXX coming on
Recently a survey was under taken showing the high consumption rates of Australian alcohol. The highest 4 are XXXX Gold with 12.4...
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