Writing a Narrative

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A narrative isn't always an easy job, especially especially when considering to write a novel. Frst of all, you need to plan. How is your narratve going to be structured? Who are the main characters? Plot? Theseare just a few points to look at. You will also have to imagine a tool belt of writing techniques. Sometimes you'll ask yourself "how can I make this part better?" Use a writing technique when this arises, should you use positive language? or would it be better to put a sudden thrill such as a surprise attack? Try to avoid using "said" continuously in speech but aso try to aviod never saying "said" in speech, you need a certain balance when it comes to repetitive words such as "said and "nice". It is almost guaranteed you will stumble upon the dreaded "writers block", this is wen a wrier can think of nohng else to include. If this happens it is best totake brea from writing fo bit,spnd your ime on sport or other activities and slodrink a lot of water. It is recommended not to thnk abou your writing fo a long time, spend and hour or so typing (or writing with pen) then ake a break. This cools your head and the next time you write you will have a refreshed brain. If you're aiming fo a novel at least 30,000 words are required, the "keep your brain cool" strategy is essential on this path. If you are turneddow by a publisher, do not give up, look for a different publisher and also try to kee your writng original, if it is fantasy then of couse it may be compared to The Lord Of The Rings but try to put something that has come up in your head. That is my advice for your writing journey,

Good Luck!
(and forgive me for disgraceful typing errors, my keyboard keys are in bad shape)
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