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Periodic Table Timeline

Periodic Table Timeline

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Periodic Table Timeline
This Chemistry Timeline has been developed to provide a 'snapshot' of the famous people and events during this historical time period. Important dates in a fast, comprehensive, chronological, or date order providing an actual sequence of important past events which were of considerable significance to the famous people involved in this time period. A full Chemistry Timeline...

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The Periodic Table is an arrangement of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number, usually in rows, so that elements with similar atomic structure (and hence similar chemical properties) appear in vertical columns

440 BC

Democritus and Leucippus propose the idea of the atom, an indivisible particle that all matter is made of.

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Periodic Table Timeline

330 BC 360 BC 1605 1661

Aristotle proposes the four element theory: earth, air, fire & water Plato coins term ‘elements’ (stoicheia) Sir Francis Bacon published "The Proficience and Advancement of Learning" which contained a description of what would later be known as the scientific method. Robert Boyle published "The Sceptical Chymist" which was a treatise on the distinction between chemistry and alchemy. It also contained some of the earliest ideas of atoms, molecules, and chemical reaction marking the beginning of the history of modern chemistry Joseph Black isolated carbon dioxide, which he called "fixed air". Antoine Lavoisier wrote the first extensive list of elements containing 33 elements & distinguished between metals and non-metals

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