What Is a Positive Relationship?

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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What is a positive relationship?
It is a relationship that makes you both happy!!

Building a positive relationship depends very much on having a foundation of love and respect for each other. One way to make a relationship more positive is to take some time each day to appreciate the little things. When you tell someone that they look good or that they cooked a good meal, it creates a more positive environment. When you do something to prove that you appreciated the efforts, the people you love, you will get a great return. It’s also good to make sure that someone understands that you love them. Show them by doing things that will make them happy even if it’s just doing a household chore they hate or buying their favorite dessert. The key to building a positive relationship is making sure that someone knows they’re loved, valued, and trusted.

How to build a positive relationship?
-  Positive healthy attitude
Building positive relationships begins with a positive healthy attitude. Whether you are looking at building positive relationships with a friend, partner or colleague, you need to start it off strong by having a good healthy outlook. Having the right foundation for your home means starting is off with a positive outlook as it holds the footings for the rest of the structure - if you maintain a positive attitude about your relationships, than you are able to build a strong footing to keep it on the right path. Choosing to be positive is something you can actively do, it is more than possible to change your outlook from negative to positive if you want to. * Enjoyment

Instead of showing your problems, you should strive to fun to be around, smile a lot, laugh with others and try to enjoy having each other - even share a joke 

- Unconditional positive regard
Many people find that relationships are difficult because the minute that things get hard, they question whether or not the relationship is worth the hassle. But that's not the way to...
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