What Is Tribunal?

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Tribunal is a board established under the law to adjudicate in a certain matter such as claims by an individual. In Malaysia, there is the Tribunal for consumer claims.
The Tribunal for consumer claims is established under Part XII of the Consumer Protection Act 1999. It is an independent body and its primary function is to hear and determine claims lodged by consumers for losses suffered in respect of any goods or services acquired. It provides a speedy manner for the settlement of dispute between consumers and suppliers or manufacturers. Tribunal is much like court litigation, except it is less formal and much less expensive. Your claim can be filed under the Tribunal for consumer claims if the amount in dispute or the value of the subject-matter of the claim does not exceed RM$10,000.00. CAN I BE REPRESENTED BY AN ADVOCATE OR SOLICITOR ?

No party in this proceedings can be represented by an advocate or solicitor. Each party must conduct its own case at a hearing.
Tribunal procedure is a very simplified procedure.
Nevertheless, those who are unfamiliar with the process may find it a bit complicated. This topic will provide you with a step-by-step guide to Tribunal proceedings.



The message of Islam brought by the Messenger of God, Muhammad - peace be on him -was the last link in the long chain of invitations toward God by the noble Prophets. Throughout history, this message has remained the same: that human beings should recognise that their true Sustainer and Lord is One God, that they should submit to Him Alone, and that the lordship of man be eliminated. Except for a few people here and there in history, mankind as a whole has never denied the existence of God and His sovereignty over the universe; it has rather erred in comprehending the real attributes of God, or in taking other gods besides God as His associates. This association with God has been either in belief and worship, or in accepting the sovereignty of others besides God. Both of these aspects are Shirk [Shirk is an Arabic word which refers to ascribing the attributes, power or authority of God to others besides Him and/or worshipping others besides Him.] in the sense that they take human beings away from the religion of God, which was brought by the Prophets. After each Prophet, there was a period during which people understood this religion, but then gradually later generations forgot it and returned to Jahiliyyah. They started again on the way of Shirk, sometimes in their belief and worship and sometimes in their submission to the authority of others, and sometimes in both. Throughout every period of human history the call toward God has had one nature. Its purpose is 'Islam', which means to bring human beings into submission to God, to free them from servitude to other human beings so that they may devote themselves to the One True God, to deliver them from the clutches of human lordship and man-made laws, value systems and traditions so that they will acknowledge the sovereignty and authority of the One True God and follow His law in all spheres of life. The Islam of Muhammad - peace be on him-came for this purpose, as well as the messages of the earlier Prophets. The entire universe is under the authority of God, and man, being a small part of it, necessarily obeys the physical laws governing the universe. It is also necessary that the same authority be acknowledged as the law-giver for human life. Man should not cut himself off from this authority to develop a separate system and a separate scheme of life. The growth of a human being, his conditions of health and disease, and his life and death are under the scheme of those natural laws which come from God; even in the consequences of his voluntary actions he is helpless before the universal laws. Man cannot change the...
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