Week 4 Assignment 1

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Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

Describe your outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab® assignment. The outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab assignment were good but could be better. The assignment pointed out the importance of previewing and marking your readings. It also pointed out the importance of limiting distractions and setting study goals. I am now better prepared to focus and concentrate on my readings so I can retain more information.

Identify the skills you’ve learned this week. How could each of these apply to your academic work? How could each of these apply to your professional work? The skills that I’ve learned this week are the steps to active reading, vocabulary strategies, how to read different kinds of textbooks, and how to improve my reading. Active reading and improving my reading work hand in hand. In reference to my academic work, these skills can help increase my focus and concentration and help promote a better understanding of what I am reading. Learning how to read different textbooks helps me to distinguish between the types and how to go about understanding them. In my professional work, all these skills help prepare me to be able to compose and understand resumes, company letters, and business proposals.

Describe the reading and comprehension strategies you will employ. How will these help make you a more effective reader? The reading and comprehension strategies that I will employ are marking and reading comprehension. Some other strategies I will employ are vocabulary skills such as using context to determine the definition of words and writing down unfamiliar terms. Utilizing marking helps me to better highlight and outline key points for better understanding. Reading with comprehension helps me to better focus and concentrate on readings. This makes sure I am better prepared for assignments and exams....
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