Ways on How I Can Help to Improve the Lives of My Fellow Filipinos

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Ways on How I Can Help To Improve the Lives of My Fellow Filipinos

“Human improvement is from within outward.” – A simple yet true to life quote by James Anthony Froude. In my own point of view, it means improvement starts from our minds, from our hearts. Improvement starts when you feel that you need it or others need it. It starts when you feel it calling you, and when you are convinced; you will do all your best and bring it out into actions that will offer solutions to some of the problems confronting you and your surroundings.

Improvement means “to enhance” or “to develop”. Some of our fellow men today in the Philippines need enhancement and development in their lives. We, all of us, should do something to lend them a hand. They are our brothers and sisters in God, so we must help them.

We can help them in our own simple ways. The best solution to help others is to give or the act of giving. Giving does not always mean money. Giving can also be in forms of time, energy and ideas. Time is the best gift, it is gold. For example, you can give your time helping your classmate to cope up and understand the lesson. He/she may not be able to comprehend and instead of letting him/her to fail in his/her studies, you must help. By that you are helping your fellows to learn. Energy is also a gift, but it is important to keep in mind that you should use it in the positive side. You can give your energy going from place to place and reaching out to others just like what we do in our school always which is the Outreach Program. We sacrificed hours of walking under the sun’s heat while carrying the weights of the boxes and sacks of used clothes, canned goods and hulled rice grains. We may have been loss a lot of energy, but we helped somehow in the lives of our fellowmen. Ideas can be given. All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea. You can help your friends or other people by giving some ideas on how to live their lives to the...
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