Water Pump Challenge

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Water Pump Challenge

With water pump technology being a major factor for the survival of some villages, it is important that they are handled with specific care in order to ensure its success and proper usage. The Full Belly Project’s water pump factory creates a way for Peace Corps Volunteers to help install these devices into communities in need. With this being said, there are certain details that have to be taken into account when implementing these water pump factories.

The best way to go about deciding who should own the water pump factory should be to set up a group of individuals from the community who represent a diverse set of people. This group does not necessarily have to be large in number, but you ideally should have members who were born and raised in the community, 18 years or older, and maybe two hard workers from different age ranges. These age ranges should include 18-25, 26-45, 46-60, and 61+ if possible. These individuals should work well with each other to prevent disputes within the group. It would also be beneficial if each of the two from the different age ranges were not all equal in the amount of income they receive.

The water pumps should definitely NOT be given away. I believe that we generally appreciate things more when we work hard to achieve and maintain something. There should be a system implemented where the individuals have to give back to the community in some ways because essentially, the water pump will be helping them. After every harvest season when the bulk of the produce is made, the community as a whole will have to turn over 1/3 of their total harvest to be sold to other markets. This commerce will also encourage more production because they will be profiting as well as helping surrounding areas.

A Peace Corps Volunteer will be designated to each particular group in the communities and they will be responsible for teaching the group how to assimilate the first of the water pumps. By showing them how the...
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