Voices of Freedom Chapter 1-4

Topics: Religion, Freedom of religion, Christianity Pages: 6 (1831 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Chapter One
*Pg. 3

1. According to Adam Smith the discovery and colonization of America affected the economic development by the increase of its enjoyments and augmentation. The surplus produce of America, imported into Europe, furnished the inhabitants of this great continent with a variety of commodities. 2. By uniting these countries they are also able to relieve one person’s wants and increase another’s enjoyments. They are also able to encourage on another’s industries, which is why Adam Smith believed the benefits outweighed the misfortunes. *Pg. 6

1. Some of the things Morton admires in the life of the Native Indians includes; homes, trade relations, society, and religion. They were very generous amongst one another and were not obsessed with acquiring “superfluous commodities”. Morton also condemned some of their aspects including their religious beliefs. Morton believed their religion amounted to devil worshiping. 2. The Indians life was known to be without Religion, Law, and King. This indeed allowed them to live a free life, unlike the Europeans. *Pg. 9

1. I believe las Casas wanted everyone to be aware of how cruel and unfairly these Indians were treated. They worked so hard for everything and were treated worse than animals. Theses Indians would work months at a time and have to give everything up to the kings. Even when they were allowed to go home to their families they were so tired, ill, and poor they were unable to rest. 2. After describing the torture and pain the Indians went through las Casas states this was freedom and Christianity; I feel he is showing the hypocrisy that was and still is in the world. These Indians were living under Religious and Christianity yet were treated so poorly. *Pg. 13

1. Some of the actions the Indians took during the Pueblo Revolt include, removing all things pertaining to divine worship making a mockery and trophy of them. Killing all of the priests and burning all of the churches was also part of the revolt. They ordered everyone to bathe in the rivers to wash away the water of baptism and to no longer speak the names of Jesus and Mary. They were also told to discard their baptismal names and abandon their wives whom God had given to them in matrimony and take the women whom they pleased. 2. Religion was a huge part of the Pueblo Revolt, because they felt they were being controlled by Spaniard’s God who was worth nothing compared to their God. I believe they felt this was a lot to do with revenge they had been living under the beliefs of Christianity, when they originally came from the lake of Copala.

*Pg. 18
1. Some aspects of Indian practices and beliefs de Bre’beuf finds admirable include the Indians religious beliefs, marriage customs, and gender relations. Such as them only having one wife and not marrying any relatives. He criticizes 2. The Hurons gender and relations differ from Europeans; the Hurons will not marry their relatives, and they have no Temples, Priests, feasts, nor any ceremonies. They believe that the earth and man was made by Eataenisc. Her son Josukeha, has the care of living, and of the little things that concern life, and consequently they say that he is good.

*Pg. 20
1. The Micmac Indians live without religion, without social order, and without any rules, which is why the Micmac leader claims they are happier than the French. If the French were so happy why would they leave their whole family and friends to come to a miserable place? The Micmac claim to be very happy and content with the little they have. The leader also believes the French are incomparably poorer than they are. 2. The Indian leader interrupts the migration of the French as simple journeyman, valets, servants, and slaves. Constantly worrying about what may happen to them on their voyage and the risks they take daily.

Chapter Two
*Pg. 24
1. Hakluyt insisted the empire and freedom went hand in hand. The...
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