Visual Aid Outline

Topics: Chart, Bar chart, Pie chart Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Introduction:Chapter 13 starts to go over visual aids and how to use them. Visual aids can be very useful in presentations but they are only useful when you know how to use them properly. The chapter also goes over different types of visual aids and tells you how to accommodate you visual aid to your surroundings as well. Sub Points:

I. Kinds of Visual Aids
A. Objects and Models
B. Photographs and Drawings
C. Graphs- Visual aid used to show statistical trends and patterns
i. Line Graph- Uses one or more lines to show changes in statistics over time or space.
ii. Pie Graph- Highlights segments of a circle to show simple distributions patterns. iii. Bar Graph- Uses vertical or horizontal bars to show comparisons among two or more items.
D. Charts- Summarizes a large block of information, usually in list form.
E. Video
F. The Speakers Body
G. PowerPoint
II. Guidelines for Preparing Visual Aids
A. Prepare Visual Aids Well in Advance
B. Keep Visual Aids Simple
C. Make sure Visual Aids are Large Enough
D. Use a Limited Amount of Text
E. Use Fonts Effectively
F. Use Color Effectively
G. Use Images Strategically
III. Guidelines for Presenting Visual Aids
A. Display Visual Aids where Listeners can See Them
B. Avoid Passing Among the Audience
C. Display Visual Aids only While Discussing Them
D. Explain Visual Aids Clearly and Concisely
E. Talk to Your Audience, Not to Your Visual Aid
F. Practice with Your Visual Aid
E. Check the Room and Equipment
Summary:Chapter 13 gives you great examples for visual aids you can you. It also goes into great detail the "do's" and the "don'ts" of visual aids. As an overview of the chapter the best thing that you should take from this is you should determine the type of visual aid based on the type of audience you will be presenting to and what the room you will be presenting in is capable of. If the room you are presenting in does not have an easy and effective way of showing a...
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