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Topics: Chocolate, Candy bars, Candy Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Lana Malunes
Period Four
AP English III

Three Musketeers

When it comes to a candy bar that exceeds all the rest, there is nothing better than the delicious chocolatey taste of Three Musketeers. This chocalate bar can be found by its smooth, silver wrapper in stores everywhere. People everywhere enjoy its delicious taste and crave its chocolate creamy flavor.There are many benefits to choosing a Three Musketeers candy bar over all the rest, including its delicious flavor, its health benefits, and its variety of uses. Certainly, the Three Musketeers candy bar has proved itself to take down all its tough competitors. An obvious reason why many choose to enjoy a Three Musketeers candy bar is its heavenly flavor. Its creamy nougat filling only compliments it smooth chocolate coating. The marshmallow-like filling softly melts in your mouth. Its fluffy texture is guranteed to satisfy anyone with a craving for chocolate. It has no nuts or other ingredients to make each and every bite as smooth and light as possible. This also gurantees that nothing will get stuck in your teeth. In addtion to its original flavor, Three Musketeers also offers something that many brands don't, a variety of flavors. For example, many famous candies such as Twix, Kit Kat, and Reese's only offer the same flavor. However, Three Musketeers offer different flavors such as Three Musketeers Mint and Three Musketeers Crisp. This gives customers the satisfaction of having different choices and a variety of flavors to pick from. Consumers won't be bored with eating the same flavors constantly. Three Musketeers offer many choices that also add to delicious original flavor. In addition to its heavenly flavor, Three Musketeers also offers the satisfaction of eating a delicious chocolate bar without the worry of taking in a lot of calories. It has proven to have less calories than other famous chocolates such as Snickers, Twix, Reese's, or Milky Way, and this is not because...
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