Topics: Taste, Rainbow, Flavor Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: October 21, 2010
There are some things in life that money can not buy. The main one; happiness. Following this opening statement is a comparing and contrasting of two candies, fighting for their rightful place in creating happiness in ones mind. Skittles verses Starbursts; one will stand on top and bring forth the true demeanor of peoples tastes. Skittles are a soft candy, with a hard shell outer coating. The rainbow spectrum of colors blends to ones mind, as the colors are of a certain variety, much like an actual rainbow, blending and mixing to create a perfect harmony of flavor. The palate is transformed; there is a perpetual bliss when one indulges in one of these candies, projecting the eaters mind into a vision of the diverse rainbow, tasting the essential “happiness” thusly created by the flavor of each individual candy placed into ones mind. On the other side of the fence, Starbursts explode with a mix of fruit juices, divulging into a burst of flavor with the soft, chewy candy melting in ones mouth. Starbursts create a sensory feeling, much like the predecessor in Skittles, but the difference with Starbursts is that they create their own language with their sweet, slightly sour bodies, manipulating ones mind to agree with their so-called fabricated faux-love. They create an amazing presence, beautifully shown through the flavor that it has made. These two candies, both with their equal differences, share normality’s, which make them alike. These are both, in actuality, soft candies that makes for an immediate example of their likeliness. In other terms, however, they make exemplarily details in creating peace in ones mind to provide the eater into another world, showing a side of themselves which has never been brought by any other candies, creating their own world of tranquility and celibacy through the taste of fruitful flavor. Thus said, these candies are due time for their differences. They are, indeed, quite an amazing combination with their creations, but they are...
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