Understanding Personalities Cmgt/530

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Personality type Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Understanding Personalities
Mark Lefler

Understanding Personalities
The chosen personality typing assessment for this assignment is the MOTIV personality theory. “The MOTIV personality theory is a refined hybrid of previous notions of personality…which posits that the entire spectrum of personality can be explained by five independent, alterable, and empirically provable personality motivations/strategies” (Similar Minds, 2012). These motivations/strategies also can be known as reward drives that have been evolutionarily hardwired and/or are environmental adaption styles to life. The five reward drives are Materialistic, Offbeat, Thinking, Intimate, and Vital, each of which are meant to provide the greater survival advantage. Materialistic means to be more externally perfect, Offbeat means to be more unconventional, Thinking means to be more logical, Intimate means to be more selfless and Vital means to be more alive or healthy. There is, of course, a counter preference to each of these drives. Respectively, they are Subjectivistic, Conventional, Emotional, Withholding, and Depressed. The MOTIV personality assessment gauges a person’s natural tendency towards either end of the spectrum for the reward drives. After completing the MOTIV personality assessment, I had received a result of SCTWV. This means that I am Subjectivistic, Conventional, Thinking, Withholding, and Vital. In other words I have a desire to be more internally perfect, traditional, logical/rational, out for my own interests and am more alive/healthy. I believe this to be a fairly accurate assessment of my personality. In regard to Subjectivistic, I agree that I do strive to be more perfect, according to my own internal ideal rather than that of an external one. I also tend to stick to methods and solutions that have been proven successful or effective, which would explain the result of Conventional. I have no doubt about the accuracy of the result of Thinking that expresses...
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