Ubit 5 Health and Social Care

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Describe (P4) the role of energy in the body and explain (M1) the physiology of three named body system in relation to energy metabolism.

I will try to describe the role of energy in the body and explain the physiology of three names body system in relation to energy metabolism. I will try explain where energy comes from, how the body uses energy, how many calories do we need, what is metabolism/catabolism and anabolism and also I will try explain cellular respiration aerobic/anaerobic is.

Most of the processes taking place inside our cells need energy in order to happen. Depending on our age, weight, the activities we will need a certain amount of calories. If somebody run every morning, will require more energy and calories per day. If somebody are an athlete also will require more calories per day. If the person sit, and work on a computer all day then that person don’t need many calories per day. Energy is measured in kilojoules (kJ).

|Age/ sex/ occupation of person |Daily energy requirement (kJ) | |Newborn baby |2,000 | |Child aged 2 |5,000 | |Child aged 6 |7,500 | |Girl aged 12-14 |9,000 | |Boy aged 12-14 |11,000 | |Girl aged 15-17 |9,000 | |Boy aged 15-17 |12,000 | |Female office worker |9.500 | |Male office worker |10,500 | |Woman breast - feeding |11,300 | |Pregnant women |10,000 | |Heavy manual worker |15,000 |

Energy can exist in many forms, but chemical energy is the most common. Heat, light, sound, electrical and nuclear are other forms of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be transformed from one from into another.

Our energy comes from the food what we eat. If we do not eat proper meals, we could easily get sick and starting to have all sorts of diseases. Most of the humans are meat eaters but some vegetarians. Everybody have different types of body systems but our body works the same. Meals that we eat are important for nutrients of our body metabolism, vitamins and energy. All the energy used by all organisms on Earth comes from the sun. We don’t use the energy from the sun directly, we needs plants to do that for us. Plants are able to absorb sunlight and use the light energy to make food molecules from carbon dioxide and water, in a process called ’photosynthesis’. When we eat plants, we digest the complex food molecules back into simpler ones.

The basal metabolic rate (BMI) is the base rate at which your body consumes calories for basic metabolic functions like maintaining internal temperature, repairing blood, powering muscles at rest, etc. in other words, it is the rate at which your body...
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