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Module Code:| FE2035|
Module Title:| Fundamentals of Finance|
Semester / Year| Sem A / academic year 2012-2013|

Module Leader2
Teaching Staff2
Teaching Time table3
Module Specification3
Indicative timetable
Important information3

Module Leader
Dr. Peiyi Yu| Office No| BS405|
| e.mail:| p.yu@uel.ac.uk|
| Extension| |
| Office Hours| Mondays 12:30pm-1:30pmFridays 3-4pm|
Preferred style of contact| In the first instance, if you have any queries regarding the teaching or assessment for this module, please refer to your seminar tutor. If you do not receive a satisfactory response and my office availability is not convenient, please e-mail me with your query for an appointment.| Introduction

To include:
* Reference to contents of the module guide
* How to keep up with module
* Expectations of the student
* How UEL Plus will be used
* How any changes (to the timetable/ to classes eg sickness will be communicated) * A welcome to the module
* The use of any other technologies* See important information section below. * Teaching methods used
* Deadlines for Registration
* Information about the module – programmes for which it is core, precursors, co-requisites etc
Teaching Staff

Name| Office hours| Office| Email|
Peiyi Yu| Mondays 12:30pm-1:30pmFridays 3-4pm| BS405| p.yu@uel.ac.uk| Doorui| Thursday 9-11 am| BS419| d.rambacussing@uel.ac.uk| Ron| Thursdays 12-2 pm| BS419| t.l.chan@uel.ac.uk|
Gaffar| Tuesdays 12-2 pm| BS419| g.khalid@uel.ac.uk|
Eugene| | | E. Apakoh@uel.ac.uk|

Teaching Timetable and Weekly Content

E2035 – Fundamentals of Finance
LectureMon9 - 11MLTPeiyi Yu
WorkshopMon11 – 12 MLTPeiyi Yu
Seminar1Mon1 - 2KD 1 29Ron Tat Lung
2Mon1 - 2BS 3 05Eugene Apakoh
3Mon2 - 3EB 1 45Eugene Apakoh
4Mon1 - 2EB 3 17Dooruj
6Mon2 - 3EB 3 15Peiyi Yu
7Mon2 - 3EB 3 17Dooruj
8Mon2 - 3KD 1 29Gaffar
9Mon3 - 4EB 1 105Gaffar
10Mon3 - 4EB 3 15Dooruj
11Mon3 - 4EB 3 17Eugene Apakoh
12Mon3 – 4WB 2 05Ron Tat Lung

Topics| | Textbooks|
(1)| Analysing and interpreting financial statements| Atrill : Ch3Hiller Ch3| (1)| The time value of money| Hiller Ch 4Brealey Ch5| (2)| Valuing bonds| a) Brealey Ch6 slides b) Hiller Ch 5 | (3)| Share valuations| a) Brealey Ch7|

(4)| Portfolio theories - Mean Variance approach | a) Brealey Ch11| (5)| Portfolio theories – CAPM | a) Brealey Ch12| (6)| WACC and capital structure, | a) Brealey Ch13 slides|

Module Specification

MODULE SPECIFICATION (created by Dr. Amir Allam)

Module Title: Fundamentals of Finance| Module Code: FE2035Level: 2Credit: 20ECTS credit: 10| Module Leader:Dr. Peiyi Yu| Pre-requisite: FE1010| Pre-cursor: None|

Co-requisite: None | Excluded combinations: FE2021, FE2022| Is this module part of the Skills Curriculum? No| University-wide option: No| Location of delivery: UELCollaborations: HELP, Stamford, Legenda - Malaysia|

Main aim(s) of the module:To provide students with: * A foundation in the principles and techniques of financial management * A foundation in the principles and techniques of management accounting These can be applied to the planning and control of routine business operations and evaluation and appraisal of non-routine investment and acquisition decisions.|

Main topics of study: * Introduction to management accounting * The distinction between management accounting and financial accounting * Financial accounting and financial management...
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