Types of Electronic Collaboration Transactions by Dell

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List all the types of EC transactions used by Dell.

Dell EC direct and aggressive marketing activities were carried out. Accept aggressive online order to meet the needs of customers the option of adding additional products from your Web site. EC transactions of the type that is used by Dell seems to be largely divided into two categories.

Dell PC sold to customers through its Web site.

SMEs (Small businesses up to 200 employees employees 200 people, that is not) Medium and large businesses over 200 employees employees more than 200 companies Government, education, and health-care organizations and the government, educational institutions, and health and welfare agencies

EC in several places, including small businesses, large corporations, government, educational institutions, and health and welfare agencies, the Dell deal. BA (British Airways - British Airways) purchase of contractor to e-procurement service For example, Dell had allowed the track, search, and able to purchase from the Dell web users' needs for special order items. Their PC business unit and department required the formation were able to choose. Also developed e-procurement, procurement using the Internet and shared with business partners, were used.

Identify the business models used by Dell.

Build-to-order concept provide consumers with the option they want.

E-collaboration (collaboration over the Internet)
using a web service, business models, reduce inventory you do not need to increase communication with your business partners using the EC tech.

E-customer service: Dell ongoing relationship with customers to try to keep. Self-diagnosis, using direct access to technical support, and provide help desk and telephone-based help desk 24/7 . Customer care institutions in addition, be able to chat with consumers among created things that can solve a lot of problems in product support. (FAQs, upgrades, downloads and so on)

Intrabusiness EC (internal business...
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