Tourism English Final Exam

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Circle and Write the most correct answer: _____
1.Who are the beneficiaries of hotel competition?
a.The economists
b.The consumers
c.World Trade Organization
d.The owners

2.Amtrak, VIA Rail and KTX are all examples of what kind of market: _____ a.monopoly
c.perfect competition

3.Cabotage Laws _____
a.Control taxes in hotels
b.Protect the US transportation market
c.Protect consumers from high exchange rate commissions

4.SkyTeam, Star Alliance, AAdvantage are frequent flyer programs that: _____ a.Offer flights upgrades
b.Partner with hotels and car rental companies
c.Accumulate miles and reward merchandise
d.Are another byproduct of airline deregulation
e.Both b and c
f.A, B, C and D all apply to most frequent flyer programs

5.The main factors that affect the economic benefits and costs of tourism to host communities are: ____ a.Government revenue effects
b.Price effects
c.Environment and society
d.All of the above

6.Which is not an advantage of a package tour: _____
a.Details of a trip have been taken care of by experts
b.No surprises
c.Itinerary ensures all must-see spots will be visited
d.They are most popular for repeat travelers to the same destination

True or False – Write T or F
7.A business becomes horizontally integrated if it acquires another business that either supplies inputs to it or purchases from it. ____

8.The supply response to changing market conditions is very high since the cruise industry is mobile.____

9.Norwegian Cruise Line has exclusivity rights in Hawaii. ____

10.IATA stands for International Agency for Transportation Assistance. _____

11.A tax on foreign purchases that increases the cost of foreign goods to domestic consumers is a tariff. ____

12.Duty-free allowances vary significantly between countries. ____

13.GDP is a relatively new economic statistical method to measure the impact of travel and tourism industries._____...
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