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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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3. ”The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility”. Evaluate this claim (notes)
Key words: Knowledge, ethical responsibility, evaluate
-Evaluate = explore to what extent the statement is true given different interpretations of knowledge and the idea of ethical responsibility + evaluate the statement in contexts of ways of knowing and areas of knowing -Ethical responsibility = refers to the idea that you should do something to correct a harmful situation or prevent harm from happening Knowledge issues:

-Why should knowing lead to ethical responsibility? Is ethical responsibility rather created by what the knower does with knowledge? -Is it our interpretation of knowledge that create ethical responsibility rather than knowledge in itself? -How does possession of knowledge create ethical responsibility? At what point in the process of knowing, if ever, is ethical responsibility created? -Is knowledge in some (or perhaps all) areas of knowledge without ethical dimension? Ways of knowing:

-Perception – discuss how/if knowledge gained through perception carries ethical responsibility -Reason – discuss whether or not reason can be used to determine the limits of ethical responsibility and what is morally right and wrong  exploration of moral theories? -Role of language – natural language is used to express moral judgments – contain biases  vague expressions, connotations and nuances may color ideas or lead to biased conclusions Areas of knowledge:

-Discuss different areas of knowledge, e.g:
-Arts: offending art
-Human sciences: experiments, unethical business practices -Applications of scientific discoveries
-Historical interpretations
-Arguments should be supported by examples from ways of knowing, areas of knowledge and personal experiences -Counter claims?
-Explore different perspectives
Personal voice:
-Discuss when/if I’ve felt ethically responsible  discuss why I...
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