The Skeletal System Excercise

Topics: Bones of the head and neck, Foramina of the skull, Scapula Pages: 78 (4500 words) Published: January 21, 2013
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The Skeletal System Exercises

After viewing the animation answer these questions.

* Exercise 5.1: Coloring Exercise
* Scan completed coloring exercise and submit as a separate document. *
* Exercise 5.2: Appositional Bone Growth
After viewing the animation, answer the following questions:

1. Define appositional bone growth. Formation of new bone on the surface of older bone or cartilage

2. Which cells produce bone material? osteoblasts

3. How is a tunnel formed around a blood vessel? Groove is transformed when the bone built on the adjacent ridges meet

4. How is the tunnel filled in to produce a new osteon? Production of concentric lamellae fills in the tunnel to form new osteon

5. What is the name for the concentric rings that form the osteon? lamellae *
* Exercise 5.3: Skeleton, Anterior View
A. skull .

B. Hyoid bone .

C. Cervical vertebrae .

D. clavicle .

E. Pectoral girdle .

F. scapula .

G. Axial skeleton .

H. Thoracic cage .

I. ribs .

J. sternum .

K. humerus .

L. Skeleton of upper limbs .

M. Costal cartilage .

N. Thoracic vertebrae .

O. Vertebral column .

P. Lumbar vertebra .

Q. radius .

R. ulna .

S. Pelvic girdle .

T. Hip bone .

U. sacrum .

V. Carpal bones .

W. coccyx .

X. metacarpals .

Y. Phalanges of fingers .

Z. femur .

[. Skeleton of lower limb .

AB. Appendicular skeleton .

AC. patella .

AD. tibia .

AE. fibula .

AF. Tarsal bones .

AG. metatarsals .

AH. Phalanges of toes . Exercise 5.4: Skeleton, Posterior View

A. skull .

B. Cervical vertebra .

C. Vertebra prominence...
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