The Most Useful Features of MS Word

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Which 3 features of Microsoft Word would be most helpful in Simon's experience as a student and as a worker?
According to my opinion and what I read I would say that 3 primary functions for Simon would be the fact that he can save his work so that he could go back to it at any time he needed to look at it. The second one I would think it would be the fact that he would be able to do a spell check and grammar check would be another plus. And like the textbook states you can also insert pictures which would help Simon with work or school work. There are so many different positives for Microsoft Word. But the last one that I think would help Simon would be the preview print setting. I believe this would help him to see what his assignment or job would like before he makes it final. Are there any other specific software programs, applications, and online resources that you have found particularly useful on your current computer's operating system?

A software program that I find very use to have on the computer operating system is “CCleaner.” This program makes it so your computer runs smooth and if there are any problems with the system this program will help you fix any issues and also makes it so your computer runs smoothly. Another program is AVG anti-virus. With all the scams out there this program will help prevent viruses. How do the features of your current course website, eCollege, help you to achieve success in your academic pursuits?

The course website is helping me achieve success by being able to have access to the library and other related research possibilities. Also I can get help with a tutor.
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