The Bloody Chamber

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The Bloody Chamber| A young girl travels on a train to her husband- the Marquis. While at his French castle, she learns that he takes enjoyment in her embarrassment. She is a pianist- a blind piano tuner hears her playing and falls in love with her. The Marquis tells her that he is leaving on business, forbidding her to enter one particular room. She enters the perverse room, encountering all the dead bodies of his previous wives. The girl realises that the Marquis tricked her and plans to add her to his collection. Her and the piano tuner band together in the hopes of defeating him. The Marquis returns home early to find that she has discovered the room, and tries to behead her. At the seemingly last moment, the girl’s mother arrives, shooting the Marquis and saving her daughter. With the Marquis now dead, the girl, her mother and the piano tuner go on to live together.| 'That magic place, the fairy castle whose walls are made of foam' – naivety of the protagonist, she has unreal expectations of marriage. Isolation and supernatural setting. 'Saw his dolls break free of their strings' – Objectification of women. The Marquis’s control."Are you sure you love him?" "I'm sure I want to marry him." – Distortion of love."Leonine" – motif runs through number of stories, shows men to be predatory and dominant."The monocle had fallen from his face." – represents the falling away of societal graces, revealing his true nature."A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides." – Violent imagery of stabbing, sexual connotations serve to repulse and shock the reader, adding to the Gothic. | The Courtship of Mr Lyon| Beauty waits at home for her father who has gotten stuck in a snow storm. Car troubles cause the father to approach the beast’s house, in which he is amazed at its apparent ghost door- letting him in and out. Appearing that there is no one home, the father turns to leave. Noticing a pure white rose (of which he promised to Beauty but was too poor to purchase) he picks the rose- immediately angering the beast (appearance of a lion’s head), who shakes him for stealing the flower. The father appeals to the Beast, showing him a picture of Beauty. The Beast takes an instant liking to her, and decides that he will help the father regain his wealth on the condition of allowing Beauty to live with him. Beauty doesn’t want to live with the beast, but it unselfish and finds him intriguing. One night the Beast licks her hand and she feels pity for him. Beast helps the father regain his wealth, and Beauty goes to live with her dad in London, other than sending flowers, Beauty all but forgets about the beast. The beast’s spaniel arrives at Beauty’s door, and in a panic she travels back to the Beast, who is dying of a broken heart. Beauty’s tears transform the beast into a man, and it ends with a future shot of Mr and Mrs Lyon walking happily in the garden.| "Outside her kitchen window" & "the snow possessed a light of its own" – Opening scene is domestic (female role) and full of light. Past tense is used to set the storytelling."palladian house" & "atmosphere of a suspension of reality" – Beast’s house is full of unreal luxury, different from the scabby outside; links to the idea that what’s on the outside is different to the inside, and the beast’s transition. Gothic setting = abnormal and sublime. "instinctual shudder of fear" & "she felt herself to be, Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial" – Beauty can only relate to the Beast by likening herself to a lamb; weak and innocent, to be consumed. She is aware that she is the ‘sacrifice’ for her father’s wealth. "she saw, with indescribable shock, he went on all fours" – she is surprised by the Beast’s true nature."Mr and Mrs Lyon walk in the garden" – although transformed, the Beast keeps his name as a reminder of his true identity. Beauty adopts his name not due to the female role (although some view it as submission) because she too is a strong ‘lion’.| The...
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